Update- Commonwealth Games 2022 Athlete Nomination Criteria

Dear Members & Friends of Wrestling,

This information is for all wrestlers who intend to trial and compete to qualify for selection on the Australian Team to compete at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Due to International & State border restrictions, health & safety concerns as well as prohibitive quarantine requirements, Wrestling Australia has decided to cancel all camps for 2021 and remove the South African based December 2021 Commonwealth Championships from the nomination criteria currently required to qualify for the Commonwealth Games.

This means there will be a revised nomination criteria developed by the High Performance Committee that will focus on qualification events and camps within the first quarter of 2022. The High Performance Committee will do their very best to keep the criteria local to Australia.

Wrestling Australia will provide you with an updated nomination criteria before the end of 2021 and as soon as the High Performance Committee determines the new pathway to qualification.

Wrestling Australia encourages you when possible, to maintain focus and continue to train, develop and prepare the best possible YOU for the qualification events.

The Commonwealth Games Association recently awarded Wrestling one additional spot, this brings the number of maximum competitors that Wrestling Australia can nominate to a total of six.

Yours Sincerely

Wrestling Australia Limited


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