2022 National Championships

The 2022 National Championships will be held on the 15th of May in Canberra, at the Australian Institute of Sport.

The event will be for Under 17’s, Under 20’s and Seniors, both Freestyle and Greco-Roman.

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2022 National Championships

The 2022 National Championships is an OPEN competition, Australia Citizenship is not required.


Wrestlers (or an adult their behalf where the wrestler is a < 18 yrs old) must register online.

Sports Integrity Australia Education 

  • All athlete competing in the Senior age category must complete the following Sports Integrity Australia On-Line Courses:
  • Anti-Doping Fundamental Course
  • Annual Update 2022
  • Courses are available here: Catalogue Entries (sportintegrity.gov.au)
  • A copy of the Sports Integrity Australia certificate of learning is to be provided to admin@wrestling.com.au by close of registration or added to the registration.

Uniform Requirements 

Wrestlers may wear, other than the standard wrestling singlet, a two-piece outfit as follows:

Shorts, in plain black colour.

Short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt, predominantly in red or blue colour. A wrestler must bring one of each colour.

The shirt or top should be tight fitting.

For females, the shirt must completely cover the breasts at all times.

If a head covering is worn it should be firm fitting with no metal fixings.

Clothing may not have metal components, zips or buttons.

Open pockets are not permitted.

Drawstrings must be concealed at all times

Clothing must not have wording or design that is offensive or inappropriate.

Underwear must not contain hard plastic or metal components.

Wrestling boots must be worn

Coaching Registrations 

Coaches must register to obtain access to the wrestling mats at this event.  Only those with a mat access pass will be able to coach at this event.

A mat access pass will be provided to you on the day of competition.

Click here to register as a coach.


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