World Academy of Sport- Athlete Certificate Program

United World Wrestling have provided Wrestling Australia with the opportunity to take part in the World Academy of Sport- Athlete Certificate Program.
This on-line programmer is essential for all athletes, particularly targeting athletes between the ages of 15-18.
The program aims to provide an understanding as well as the tools needed to become a successful and knowledgeable athlete.
Below are the key themes covered in the programme:
  • Values and Integrity in Sport
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Social Media and the Media
  • Your journey as an athlete
  • Support team and relationships
The program may take up to 4 hours to compete.
Wrestling Queensland is being offered 15 vouchers that can be used by the December 15th 2020.
As Wrestling Australia has a maximum total number of vouchers that can be used there needs to be a record kept of how many vouchers are used.
Please contact admin@wrestling.com.au for the voucher and instructions on how to access the training.

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