Australian Results- 2019 Oceania Championships

The 2019 Oceania Championships were held in Guam on the 20th and 21st April, below are the Australian Results:
Cadet Males

65kgs Phoenix Pate- 2nd

65kgs Carl Jankowitz- 3rd

71kgs Jake Treyvaud- 2nd

71kgs Trent Jaeggi- 3rd

80kgs Artemios Trepca- 1st

Junior Males

70kgs- Taylor Pickering- 1st

79kgs Artemios Trepca- 1st

79kgs Sean Keating – 3rd

97kgs Thomas Barns- 1st

Senior Males

61kgs Justin Holland- 2nd

74kgs Mehrdad Tarash- 1st

74kgs Taylor Pickering – 3rd

79kgs Sean Keating- 1st

79kgs Nicholas Delatovic- 2nd

97kgs Thomas Barns- 2nd

Senior Womens

55kgs Irene Symeonidis- 2nd

76kgs Naomi De Bruine- 2nd

Congratulations to all competitors


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